Karin Jones

Artist | Maker | Goldsmith

Damascene inlay is an age-old technique originally used to inlay silver and gold on steel arms and armour. I learned this process in 2003, in a workshop with Bruce Clark at the Mendocino Art Center in California. It wasn’t until 2007, however, that I got a chance to spend some time on it, and during an artist residency in Fiskars, Finland, I developed my own method of the technique, adapting it to modern, readily available tools and equipment.
From 2007 to 2011, I worked primarily in Damascene. Although I have now moved on to other media I am still available for custom orders, as well as workshops and classes.


Precious series

"Precious", a series of reclaimed farm tools inlaid with silver and gold, was a response to 2 1/2 years…








Home objects


Damascene video demo

View a brief demo and tour of my workshop.

3 Responses to “Damascene”

  1. Tammy Toad Ryan

    Your work is absolutely stunning! I lived on SSI for a few years myself and your precious series (as well as your bowls) reallysings to me. Could you let me know if any of these works are for sale?


  2. karinmarita2013

    Hi Tammy,

    I didn’t see this until now! Yes, many of these are for sale. Please contact me through the contact page (under “About”) to ask about specific prices.


  3. Cousin Janet

    Ms. Karin, So proud of you & your work. Every item that you have worked on or made is so very unique & tells me different stories. I’m so pleasantly overwhelmed by the variety of your work & each series seems to have you entering ‘a new story’ for me to read. Love all that you have done. And congratulations on your new teaching position at Vancouver’s community college.

    Keep us updated. Love hearing how you are doing.

    Much love,

    Cousin Janet

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