In September 2014, I received a commission to create an installation at the Royal Ontario Museum on the theme of the “presence/absence of Africans in Canada’s historical narrative”. The work was on view at the ROM from January 31, 2015 to November, 2015 and consisted of a Victorian mourning dress made of braided synthetic hair extensions, surrounded by a bed of natural cotton bolls, some of which are altered to contain tufts of my own hair. The installation stood alone in the Wilson Canadian Heritage Gallery, within the Sigmund Samuels Gallery of Canada.

The installation is now part of the ROM’s permanent collection.

Read my artist statement here.

Here is a video discussion by some of the curators and advisors talking about my work (skip to the 18 minute mark) and about the Of Africa initiative, a 3-year program of exhibitions and events about Africa and the African Diaspora.